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High School

Can Be a Pain

Rufus Shinra
9 November
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This is the mighty journal of one, Rufus Shinra, of lifestream_hs.

Age: 17

Grade/Occupation: Senior/Rich kid

Clubs/Extra curricular activities: Student Council

Short bio: He grew up as a rich kid; spoiled and basically with a ‘god’ complex. He’s intelligent, though, and he’s tried to give himself a name, not just his Father’s. He shows respect to higher authorities, and has a certain loyalty to those he deems rightful to it. He knows his way with a computer, but has been known to play a sport or two.

My Schedule for 06/07:

1st P: Gym
2nd P: Spanish IV
3rd P: Physics
4th P: Psychology
5th P: Honors Pre-Calculus
6th P: Writing Workshop/World Lit
7th P: Study Hall

((I'll put more crap up when I'm not lazy. =P))